In addition to the known application areas, the materials mortar and concrete offer a variety of structuring possibilities that can be used in many creative ways. The erection of artificial rocks in animal enclosures and zoos, walls with a natural stone look, skate parks, gardens and landscaping, swimming pools or ponds are just a few examples that highlight the creative uses of mortar and concrete. Slope and rock protections that reliably protect against falling rocks or landslides have become increasingly important and an ever more common part of the landscape. The options for using mortar and concrete in creative and innovative ways are almost endless. In addition, their use also offers interesting options for architects, property developers or (private) builders. Our picture gallery provides some initial ideas of what can be done. We would be pleased to assist you in implementing your individual designs with our machine technology and remain at your disposal at all times.



WM-14 FU New Generation

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Thanks to the modification to the structure of the base frame, the mobility of the machine has become significantly easier.

The adjustment of the machine has been optimized. The operating elements for adjustment have now been arranged in the center of the construction. In doing so, the limit switch for the funnel sieve was redesigned.

In all other aspects, it corresponds to the performance and equipment of the 'old' generation.


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WM-05 FU

  • Output capacity: 0,5 up to 2,0 m³/h
  • Rotorspeed: 3 up to 13,5 U/min
  • Drive: Electric 3 kw
  • Max. Grainsize: 8 mm
  • Max. Pressure: 4 bar
  • Conveyor distance: up to 300 m
  • Weight: 300 kg
  • Dimensons lxwxh: 1350 x 650 x 1120

The WM-05 is our compact model of a rotor machine and is particularly suited to the use of dry spraying mortar, SPCC mortar, dry pre-mixed concrete and minor sandblasting work. This dry spraying machine requires two seal plates and is equipped with a frequency converter for continuous speed control.
The delivery includes a remote control for START, STOP (material and air) and EMERGENCY STOP (cable length 50 meters). Optionally, we offer a radio remote control for the WM-05 FU.
Tested for SPCC mortar in accordance with ZTV-ING.

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